Water Quality and Waste Disposal Regulatory Trends Affecting Utilities

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Assessing Pollution in Coastal Waters

Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment by Anaerobic Filter
The anaerobic filter has been used on a laboratory scale to treat a variety of industrial wastewaters. The process was known to be effective at treating fermentation pharmaceutical wastes...

Modeling Toxicity in Methane Fermentation Systems
Wastewater treatment using anaerobic methane fermentation offers several significant advantages over aerobic methods, but is considered unreliable when treating wastewaters containing...

Distribution of Toxic Substances in Rivers
A statistical technique was used to determine if hydrophobic organic substances have vertically a uniform distribution in a river. At a river polluted with chlorinated organic pesticides,...

Cost-Effective Pretreatment Programs
A method is developed for planning cost-effective control programs for toxic pollutants in municipal treatment systems. It chooses the levels of industrial pretreatment and type of municipal...

Control of Water Pollution from Toxics: Southeast U. S.
A detailed review of the programs of eight southeastern states for the control of water pollution from toxic wastes is presented. The review examines water quality standards, effluent...

Simulation of the Migration and Fate of Diazinon

Risk Assessment of Hazardous Waste Sites

Is Acid Precipitation a Threat to Our Drinking Water?

Bacterial TOC Removal on Sand and GAC

Optimization of Chlorine Disinfection Efficiency
In order to show that savings in chlorine can be achieved by improved process design, parallel chlorination studies were conducted in an optimized chlorination pilot plant and each full-scale...

The Potential Role of Ecosystem Models in Reservoir Management

Assessing the Toxicity of Sulfite Evaporator Condensate to Methanogens

Standards for Evaluating Reclaimed Wastewater

Chemical Risk Migration and Risk Assessment Methodology

The Fate of Toxic Substances in Rivers

Fate of Pentachlorophenol in Anaerobic Digestion

Toxic Chemicals in Water -- An Apprasial of Regulatory Programs in the Southeast

Solar Distillation of Toxic Industrial Wastes





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