The South Carolina Public Beach and Coastal Access Project

A Technique for Public Involvement in Developing Coastal Zone Models

Economic Potentiality of the Coastal Zone of South Tamilnadu, India and its Need for Protection

Quantitative Monitoring of the Coastal Environment Along Kiel Bay, Southwestern Baltic Sea, With Respect to Tourism and Recreation

Coastal Zone Management, Planning, and Implementation in the Sultanate of Oman

Coastal Zone Management in Antigua and Barbuda

Portonovo Fishing Port Extension Study: An Interaction Between Port and Beach

Degradation of Coastal Dune Systems Through Anthropogenic Action

Marinas and Minor Harbors in the Northern Adriatic

Uses of the Sea for Leisure Activities in Italy

Historical Evolution of the Coastal Settlement in Italy: Modern Times

Tourism Versus Conservation in Fernando De Noronha Island, Brazil
Conscious of the problems created by tourism expansion and searching for a definition of the uses compatible to the restoration and the maintenance of ecological equilibrium, the previous...

A New Aerial Tramway for Montserrat

Use of Ocean Resources Criteria for Marine Tourism Planning and Management
A series of questionnaires and a modified weighting procedure developed by Gearing, Swart and Var were employed to obtain the ranking of ocean recreation criteria. An open-ended questionnaire...

Marine Park Planning in the Third World Haiti Case Study
World-wide stability can be, in part, achieved by the creation of marine parks and other protected areas, particularly in third world countries, since marine protected areas help to conserve...

Utilization of Islands Off an Urban Waterfront: The Case of Singapore
The major oil refineries of Singapore are located on the Bukom and the Ayer Chawan groups of islands. Other southern islands have been exclusively developed for tourist and recreational...

Restoring the Shore
Tourism generated by its beaches is Florida's major source of revenue, but erosion has always been a threat. The state now has a plan and the money and is about to embark...

Who's Minding the Beach?...The Virginia Experience
Virginia entered the realm of statewide funding for the enhancement of public beaches on July 1, 1980 with the creation of the Commission on the Conservation and Development of Public...

Mangrove Swamps and Coastal Lagoons: Uses and Stressors
The physical setting and the multiple-use of the mangroves and coastal lagoons of Santa Catarina State in the south of Brazil was studied. Anthropogenic stressors interfering with the...

Touring and Development of the Coastal Area: The Touristic Duality of the Senegalese Small Coast
The 'Small coast' stretches from Bargny (South of Dakar) to the Sangomar Cape on more than 100 km. It is a low and sandy coast. Made of large muddy areas and...





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