California's Beaches – Where the Tourists Are

The Economics of Our Beaches
An overview is given on the economics of beaches. Topics discussed include the role of beachfront properties in the local economy, beaches as free community open space, role of beaches...

The Economics of Beach Nourishment in Delaware
This study provides a detailed examination of the benefits of Delaware's ongoing nourishment program, and examines the incidence of benefits to those who live within and outside of the...

Transit Ridership Forecasting Using a GIS

Planning of Water Supply Under Uncertainty: The Dead Sea Project

Beyond Whale Watching-the Future of Ecotourism

Managing Marine Wildlife and Eco-Visitors at Año Nuevo State Reserve

Economic Value and Impacts on Coastal Zone: The Gold Coast Case Study

Economic Assessment of Seven Ocean-Dependent Activities

An Economic Evaluation of Beaches in California

Beach Restoration as a National Policy

The Quincy Mine Tramway

Cruise Ship Terminal No.8 at Port Canaveral

Zero-Gravity Sports Centers
One of the uses that has been proposed for fully reusable launch vehicles is `space tourism', the making of short visits to low Earth orbit by fare-paying passengers. This seems to offer...

The Community Options Model©: A PC Tool for Evaluating Community Choices for Marinas and Tourism

Two Case Studies of Marine Parks & Marinas as Economic and Tourism Activity Stimulators in Brazil

Potential demand for passenger travel to orbit
In recent years the possibility of `space tourism', that is individual passenger travel to space on a commercial basis, has received increasing attention. The possibility of such an activity...

Tourist Visitation Impacts of the Accident at Three Mile Island
This paper analyzes tourist impacts of the March 27, 1979, accident at Three Mile Island. A review of the literature, supplemented with recollections from Pennsylvanian public officials,...

Coastal Zone Management for Samaná Bay: Integrating Community Needs
Samana Bay is the third most important breeding destination for migrating, endangered North Atlantic humpback whales, site of some of the largest remaining mangrove habitats in the Caribbean...

Efforts at Marine Education in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), located in Micronesia, experienced significant economic growth in the 1980's and it is expected to continue through the decade...





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