Offshore Platform Steel Specification
The discovery in the 1980's of local brittle zones (LBZ's) in and near the heat-affected zone (HAZ) of the fabrication welds in certain offshore platform steels...

The Shape of Things to Come
High-performance steel (HPS) offers improved toughness and durability for bridge construction. This article presents several innovative concepts for HPS structural systems—including I-girders...

Forging Ahead
More than a dozen bridges in the United States have been built using HPS 70W grade steel, which has a yield strength of 485 MPa (70 ksi) but superior toughness compared to conventional...

Fracture and Ductility of Welded Moment Connections Under Dynamic Loading

Development of High Performance Steels for Commercial and Military Applications

Material Development for High-Performance Bridge Steels

Influence of the Yield Strength of Steel Fibres on the Toughness of Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete

Dissipated Energy as a Function of Material Microstructure

Statistical Aspects of Toughness in Brittle Fracture

High-Performance Metals for Civil and Marine Structures

Performance Characteristics of Polyolefin Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fracture Mechanics Modeling with Fracture Surface Image Data

Mode-I Fracture Toughness of Composite/Wood Interface Bond

Fabrication and Testing of High Performance Steel I-Girders Research in Progress

Fracture Toughness and Ductility of High Performance Steel

Advanced Cement-Based Composites

Toughness of Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete

Admixtures and Fibres for Shotcrete in JAPAN

Late Stage Damage in G30-500/PMR-15 Laminates
Damage progression has been studied experimentally under tension using [02/906]s...

The Chemistry of MDF Materials





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