Tornado Wind Effects on the Grand Gulf Cooling Tower

Tornado Aftermath: Questioning the Tools (Available Structural Engineering Special Issue Only)
In May 1997, several tornadoes hit central Texas. The strongest of these killed 27 people and destroyed about 40 single-family houses on the outskirts of Jarrell, north of Austin. A post-storm...

Education: Pathway to Mitigation

Tornadoes and Severe Storms in Russia

An Assessment of Wind Damage to Wood-Frame Houses

Mitigation of Windstorm Disasters

Institutional Issues in Natural Hazard Mitigation

Tornado and Hail Risk Modeling: An Event Based Approach

The Car as a Wind Shelter for Mobile Home Residents

Some Lessons Learned During the Great Flood of 1993

Reducing the Risks of Severe Windstorm Disaster; an International Perspective

Taming Tornado Alley
Some structures—such as nuclear power plants—need complete protection from tornadoes regardless of the high costs of design and construction. Public facilities need protection too, but...

Helical Convection in the Atmosphere and Elsewhere

Structural Dynamics in Hurricanes and Tornadoes
The random fluctuations of wind gusts produce dynamic interaction with structures. The objectives of this paper are to identify distinguishing differences in hurricane and tornado winds...

Update on Impact Effects in Nuclear Plants Part I—Overview and Need for Integrated Approach
In this paper, an ASCE working group on impact effects in nuclear plants updates the review of this technology contained in a five-year-old ASCE report. In Part I, an overview is given...

Upgrading Existing Facilities for Tornado Hazard

Building Response To Extreme Wind And Tornadoes

The Kalamazoo: Building Damage In The Center City

Impactive Load Definition and Design of Structures to Resist Tornado, Turbine, High Energy System Rupture, Missile Impact, Aircraft Impact and Pipe Whip

Assessment of Tornado Risks at Site Specific Locations





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