Stabilizing Variable and Sloping Ground: Achieving Innovation Through Adaptation
We all know the high price of land development these days, so it's more important than ever for owners and their designers to maximize available land area. Occasionally, this demand is constrained by topography...

Geotechnical Design Over Karst. It's All About the Water
Karst is a type of topography which is formed over soluble rocks, such as limestone, dolomite, or gypsum. An irregular bedrock surface is typical of most karst areas, along with sinkholes,...

Karst-Related Sinkholes: Dynamic Compaction as an Effective Remediation Option
The paramount issue to address before constructing at sites underlain by karst topography is identification and remediation of sinkholes which exist close to the surface, and specifically...

Applications of Multibeam Echo Sounding with Topographic Mapping for Monitoring of Rubble Mound Breakwaters
Analysis of data from the breakwater monitoring program indicates the integration of multibeam survey capability with the increased accuracy of OTF DGPS positioning and advanced data management...

Alternative Fuels and Institutional Reform
The actions that Mexico City Government is currently implementing is addressed. The altitude and topography of the Mexico City valley contribute to less efficient combustion, trapping...

Topographic and Wind Influences on the Chesapeake Bay Outflow Plume and the Associated Fronts

Surface Irrigation
Surface irrigation refers to a large group of irrigation methods in which water is distributed by gravity over the surface of the field. Water is typically introduced at the high point...

Design Considerations for Effects of Complex Topography on Wind Characteristics

Submarine Land Slide and Its Impacts on the Neighboring Coast

Strange Kinematics of Sand Bars

Beach Topography Response to Nourishment at Ocean City, Maryland

Using Digital Topo Maps for Hydraulic Modeling

Watershed Modeling Using Remote Sensing

The Mechanism of Bank Caving of Lower Yantze River

Flood Hazard Identification and Management in Storage Flood Areas

On the Texas Fast Track
When Texans do something, they do it big, and they do it fast. So it comes as no surprise that the second largest sports facility in the U.S., Texas International Raceway, is currently...

New Provisions of ASCE 7-95 for Topographic Effects

Coupling 1-D and 2-D Models for Flood Management

The Influence of Hillslope Shape on Debris-Flow Initiation

Normalizing Rainfall/Debris-Flow Thresholds Along the U. S. Pacific Coast for Long-Term Variations in Preciptation Climate





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