Marketing budgets vary greatly from company to company. They will be much larger, when you calculate labor as a percentage of total marketing costs, for smaller firms than larger ones....

Starting a Project
Project start-up marks the end of the planning activities and the beginning of the project. The PM must take the steps necessary to set up job numbers, job data sheets, assemble data needed...

Bridge to the Past
Constructed by Maya builders during the seventh century, the PreColumbian bridge at Yaxchilan was the longest in the world for over seven hundred years. Little remains today of this unique...

Geophysical Methods for Environmental Assessment

Applying Advanced Technology in Vessel Positioning for Dredging

Stability of a Geodesic Dome Under Symmetric Dynamic Loads

Illinois Department of Transportation Seismic Bridge Condition Survey

Past, Present and Future of Seismic Evaluation of Bridges in Kentucky

A Survey of Urban and Agricultural Watershed Management Practices

Gasgeodynamical Method for the Assessment of Rock Massif for Raw Disposal

Geophysical Expression of the Ghost Dance Fault, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Depth to Pre-Cenozoic Basement in Southwest Nevada

Selection of Geological Formations for Low- and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in Hungary

Hydrogeological Conditions of Preselected Sites for Raw Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine

Evaluation of Geological Formations of Eastern Europe Countries for Raw Disposal and Elaboration of Joint R&D Programmes

A Project of Classification of Large Geologic Structures of the Earth's Crust According to the Conditions of Radioactive Waste Disposal

Recent Development of the LBL/USGS Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

A New Tool for Aquifer Characterization

Hydrographic Surveying of Reservoirs using Differential GPS Navigation and GIS Data Analysis

Geomorphic History of the Red River of Louisiana and Texas





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