Taking the High Road
Commuters on a congested toll highway in Tampa, FL, will soon have the option of rising above the rest of the traffic on three reversible express lanes. By elevating the new lanes on slender...

Parkway Payoff
A massive cast-in-place segmental bridge over the James River is the most noticeable part of the $325 million Route 895 toll road project in Richmond, Virginia, but the most innovative...

Traffic Operations During Electronic Toll Collection: Case Study of the Holland East Plaza

Shadow Tolls
As federal funding sources shrink, private sector involvement becomes more necessary for road projects. Private entities are reluctant to become partners in road projects unless there...

Redesigning Urban Expressways to Promote Sustainable Development: Ideas Applicable to Central Florida

Construction of a New Tollway Below the Groundwater Table with Nitrate Remediation

Configuration Optimization of AVI Lanes at Toll Collection Stations

Road Network Design in a Market Economy

WATSim Micro-Simulation: I-780/I-680/I-80 Corridor

Electronic Toll Collection and Safety at the Holland Tunnel

Technology Standards and Deployment of Advanced Transportation Technologies: A Comparative Case Study of Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) in the United States and France

The Gaudi-Marseille Experiment: An Example of a Multiservice Remote Payment System

California State Route 91 Variable Toll Express Lanes: Operational Aspects and Impact Assessment

Returning Veteran
The Veteran's Memorial Bridge on the Cuyahoga River is a vital link in the transportation system of Cleveland and a gateway to the city's downtown area. But time...

Stormwater Management for San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor, Orange County, California
San Joaquin Hifis Transportation Corridor (SJHTC or Corridor) is one of the largest design-build toll roads in U.S.A. To meet stringent environmental mitigation requirements, to ensure...

Water Quality Mitigation for the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor
The San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor (SJHTC) is a 24 km Design/Build tollway which has been financed with bonds to be paid back with toll revenue. The Environmental Impact Statement...

The Toll Road That Wouldn't Die
When government and business leaders scooped the first shovelfuls of earth from a field near Dulles International Airport on September 29, 1993, it marked the start of construction on...

What Price Congestion Management?
Congestion pricing--the idea that, when more people want to use a road, they should pay (or pay more) for the privilege--was dismissed in the 1950s and rejected in the 1970s in the U.S....

A Low Tech Solution for a High Tech IVHS Problem

Windows of Opportunity for Existing Toll Plaza ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) Retrofits





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