The Effects of Mixing Quality on the Densification of Heterogeneous Powder Mixtures

Future Supply of, and Demand for, Titanium, Copper and Lead
A literature survey has been conducted to assess the future world supply of, and demand for, titanium, copper and lead. These metals are candidates for the fabrication of containers for...

Getting Lunar Ileminte: From Soils or Rocks?

Magnetic Beneficiation of Highland and Hi-Ti Mare Soils: Magnet Requirements

Automation and Control Potential for the Carbotek Lunar Oxygen Production Process

LLOX — Metal Production Via NaOH Electrolysis

Process Design Options for Lunar Oxygen Production

Separation of Lunar Ilmenite: Basalt vs. Regolith

Plasma Processing of Lunar Ilmenite to Produce Oxygen
In order to make a space industry economic, a reliable extraterrestrial source of oxygen must be identified for immediate use. Lunar ilmenite has recently been considered as a candidate...





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