Is the Rate of Sea Level Rise Increasing? An Analysis Based on U.S. Tide Gauges

Book Review: Changing Sea Levels: Effects of Tides, Weather and Climate by David Pugh. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2004

Rising Tide
In an effort to accommodate a new light-rail system in New Jersey between Camden and Trenton, the state's Department of Transportation began the formidable task of enhancing...

Turbulence, Bottom Boundary Conditions, and Sediment Transport in a Shallow Water Habitat
Field experiments were designed to explore the effects of vegetation on the hydrodynamics and sediment transport in Franks Tract, a shallow water habitat in the Sacramento-San Joaquin...

Modeling Sand Bank Formation Around Tidal Headlands

Application of VIMS HEM-3D to a Macro-Tidal Environment

Simulation of Tunnel Island and Bridge Piling Effects in a Tidal Estuary

Numerical Modeling and Field Experiments of Wind-Induced Currents in Enclosed Bay

Tidal Inlet Circulation: Observations, Model Skill and Momentum Balances

Mixing in a Small Tidal Estuarine Plume

Parameter Estimation for Subtidal Water Levels Using an Adjoint Variational Optimal Method

Modeling Tidal Circulation in a Barrier-Island Estuary: Apalachicola Bay

Measuring Key Physical Processes in a California Lagoon
A focused data collection program was completed in support of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers feasibility study of restoration alternatives for protecting and managing the habitat in Bolinas...

Blocking the Tide
The city of Venice is in peril as a result of increased tidal flooding, and a proposed system of movable gates offers the greatest promise of safeguarding the city's future....

Modeling Three-Dimensional, Thermohaline-Driven Circulation in the Arabian Gulf

Modeling of Tide-Induced Circulation near a Strait

Generation of a Two-Dimensional Unstructured Mesh for the East Coast of South Carolina

Scour Monitoring at Johns Pass and Nassau Sound, Florida
Scour monitoring instruments were installed on two bridges spanning tidal inlets in Florida as part of a research project to develop scour instrumentation. Previous prototype installations...

An Engineering Analysis of Sedimentation in Tidal Inlets

Scour at Highway Structures in Tidal Waters





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