Machine Performance
Annular Thickness, Annulus, and Annular Space; Overcut; Slurry or Auger System; Cutter Wheel Design and Select; Slurry Separation Plant; Buried Objects and Obstruction; Steering....

Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Structural Steels
The main objective of this paper is to provide engineers with data on thickness loss of structural steel members resulting from corrosion. To this end, the writers have collected atmospheric...

Through-Thickness Properties of Column Flanges

Through-Thickness Properties of Column Flanges in Welded Moment Connections

Cure for Thinning Concrete
After placing 75% of the concrete liner for twin 4.6 km transit tunnels in Portland, Ore., engineers discovered areas of concrete that were thinner than the prescribed 305 mm thickness....

Estimation of Residual Stresses in Thick Section Weldments

Effects of Reservoir Regulation on Ice Jam Thickness

Application of a Three-Dimensional Model to Assess Seawater Intrusion in the South San Diego Embayment
The San Diego Formation is a Pliocene through Quaternary age aquifer occupying the southwestern-most part of San Diego County. Though the formation is widespread, thicknesses of up to...

Formulation and Implementation of Improved Zero-Thickness Interface Elements

Using Spaceborne Imaging Radar to Identify Lake Water Resources on the Alaskan North Slope

Appalachian Piedmont Regolith: Relations of Saprolite and Residual Soils to Rock-Type

Numerical Simulation for Determining Through-Thickness Material Properties of Anisotropic Plates

Pressure Class Ductile Iron Pipe and Its Design

The Effects of High-Strength Steel in the Design of Steel Water Pipe

Thermal Cycling of Thin and Thick Ply Composites
An experimental study was conducted to determine the effects of ply thickness in composite laminates on thermally induced cracking and changes in the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)....

Spacecraft Wall Design for Orbital Debris Impact
This paper describes a method for obtaining the optimal rise angle of corrugated bumpers for the design of space structures in the event of an on-orbit impact. The procedure determines...

Settlement of Deep Compacted Fills in California
Measured settlement of deep compacted engineered fills from a single site were summarized and compared to data from other sites. The data indicate that the rate and magnitude of movement...

Estimation of the Thickness of Transition Zone in Concrete and Characteristics of Transition Zone in High-Strength Concrete

Effect of Roughness and Thickness of Biofilms on External Mass Transfer Resistance
The effect of roughness and thickness of biofilms on the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration boundary layer thickness (DO CBLT) and the external mass transfer process in a biofilm system...

Monitoring Petroleum Contamination in an Aquifer
An experimental study of the behavior of petroleum in an aquifer with static and changing water depths were studied. The experimental apparatus consisted of plexiglass tanks filled with...





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