Some Thoughts on Thermoporoelastic Coupling

The Thermodynamic Structure of a Fluid-Saturated Compressible and Incompressible Elastic Porous Solid

Time Domain Fundamental Solution to Nonclassical Thermoelasticity with One Relaxation Time Part I: Three-Dimensional Solution

Time Domain Fundamental Solution to Nonclassical Thermoelasticity with One Relaxation Time Part II: Two-Dimensional Solution

Temperature Determination for a Contacting Body Based on an Inverse Piezothermoelastic Problem

Thermal Effects near Crack and Contact Area Edges

Configurational Forces and Coherent Phase-Transition Fronts in Thermo-electro-elastic Solids

Nonlinear Magnetothermoelastic Waves in Perfect Conductors

Thermoelastic Theory of Cylindrical Sandwich Shells with Piezoelectric Sensors or Actuators
Cylindrical sandwich shells with piezoelectric longitudinal and ring elements bonded to the outer and inner surfaces are considered in this paper. Thermal effects are included in the analysis,...

Thermal Effects in a Transient Study of Fracture
Studies, e.g. Zehnder and Rosakis (1989), indicate that fracture is associated with temperature rises in inelastic zones near the crack edge. To gain more insight into this phenomenon,...

Homogenized Model of Plate with Transverse Openings

Thermoelastic Equations and Grueneisen's Relation

Stressed-Strained State of Expansive Soil Massifs

Thermal Stress Analysis of Double-Layered Grids
A simple, rational approach is presented for developing thermoelastic continuum plate models for large repetitive double-layered grids subjected to arbitrary temperature distribution....

Thermoelastic Optimal Design of Plates
The optimality condition for a plate, for a prescribed deflection, subjected to thermal and normal surface loadings, is derived by employing the theorem of stationary mutual potential...

Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of Double-Layered Grids

Ritz Solutions for Thermoelastic Cylinders
The use of Rayleigh-Ritz and modified Rayleigh-Ritz techniques for quasistatic thermal stress analysis of nonhomogeneous anistropic elastic bodies is examined. General expressions for...

Finite Element Thermoelastoplastic Analysis
A technique is presented for obtaining the elastic-plastic stress-strain distribution in axisymmetric and plane stress continuum composed of temperature dependent linear strain-hardening...

Design Parameters for Thermal Shock Problems
An index for the selection of a candidate structural material under thermal shock conditions is formulated. By an engineering approximation, the index is derived from a set of parameters...

Thermoviscoelastic Stresses for Moving Temperature Fields
A method of integration of equations of linear thermoviscoelasticity, when the medium is subjected to moving temperature fields, is developed. The method may be regarded as the extension...





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