Rethinking Bangkok's Wastewater Strategy
In the past 10 years the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has spent $1 billion developing a major wastewater collection and treatment program for the city of Bangkok. The city is presently...

Bangkok Blockbuster
When completed, the 54-kilometer Bang Na-Bang Pli-Bang Pakong Expressway in Bangkok, Thailand, will be the longest elevated expressway in the world. The precast segmental method is being...

Prediction of Settlement in Bangkok Ground Due to Tunnel Excavation

Erosion Control of Downcoast Area of Ports in Thailand Using Parabolic Bay Shape

Thailand-U.S. Center for Technology Partnership

The Effect of Gate-Operation Rules on Water-Delivery Performance: Phitsanulok Irrigation System, Thailand

Burrowing Beneath Bangkok
The $2.9 billion Bangkok subway project faces several daunting obstacles—soft soils, a high water table and Thailand's current economic upheaval. The Blue Line subway system...

Subway Construction Experience in Taipei and Bangkok

Collapse of Transmission Line Towers in Typhoon Gay

Erratum for A Boom in Thailand

Erratum for A Boom in Thailand

Full Scale Field Test of Prefabricated Vertical Drain (PVD) on Soft Bangkok Clay and Subsiding Environment

Water Resource System Operation Under Hydrologic Uncertainty: The Mae Klong River Basin, Thailand

Simulation of Floods in Ping River Using IIS Distributed Hydrological Model (IISDHM)

Soft Ground Improvement in Lowland and Other Environments
The presence of thick deposits of soft clay combined with the effects of ground subsidence cause problems for engineering constructions for lowland areas such as the Central Plain (Chao...

A Boom in Thailand
In the last decade, Thailand has seen a tremendous economic upswing, and the population of Bangkok has exploded. With this boom comes great opportunities to develop infrastructure, as...

Reliabilities in Operation of Parallel and Series Reservoir Systems

Bridge Management System Implemented in Thailand
The latest ten years' economic growth in Thailand and the associated increase in roadway and railway traffic has exposed the existing bridge structures as bottlenecks of these transportation...

Dam Safety of Hydroelectric Projects in Thailand

Harbour Development in Southern Part of Thailand
Fishery ports located along the river mouthes in southern part of Thailand were developed by improving their navigation channel to provide acessibility of fishery boats to travel all year....





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