Replacement of a Failed Embankment Designed to Accommodate Large Settlement: A Case Study
Thick deposits of soft, normally to slightly preconsolidated, organic clay are common at low elevations along the riverbanks of southeast Texas. Both the moisture content and liquid limit...

Prediction of Movement in Expansive Clays
The movement of expansive soils is usually due to a change of suction near the soil surface. The properties of the soil that govern the amount and rate of movement are the suction compression...

Measurement and Automatic Control of Chlorination
Chlorination is perhaps the most commonly utilized process for wastewater effluent disinfection. In Houston's plants sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) is mixed with secondary effluent...

Unsteady Spillway Inlet Conditions at the Weatherford Water Supply Reservoir
The Weatherford Water Supply Reservoir, in Weatherford, Texas has had frequent lake-side flooding and has experienced unstable spillway operation. Residents complained that the water had...

Austin's Strategy for Integrated Water Resource Planning

Solving Collections Problems to Increase Revenue: The Houston Experience, 1988-1993

Rigid Pavement Rehabilitation at the San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas

Re-Repair of the Piedras Bridge in El Paso, Texas with a New Low Pressure Spray Applied Structural Repair Mortar System

Site Selection for Beneficial Uses Of Dredged Material in Galveston Bay, Texas, USA

Coal Ash and Dredged Material in Reef Construction

Do We Need More Waterbird Nesting Islands in Galveston Bay, Texas? (and if so, how and where do we build them?)

Habitat Considerations: Galveston Bay Demonstration Marsh

Planting of Large-Scale Marsh Projects

Plans, Design, and Construction of a 100-Hectare Intertidal Demonstration Marsh Using Large-Scale Cutter Head Dredging Equipment in Galveston Bay, Texas

Evolution of Beneficial Uses of Dredged Materials for Over 200 Million Cubic Yards of Dredged Material in Galveston Bay, Texas Part II - Framework & Approach

Texas Asphalt Mix: Greater Strength, Less Filling

Modeling Municipal Water Demands for a Pump Station Area
The Chasewood Pump Station/Residential Area in southwest Houston was selected for a detailed analysis of ground and surface storage water pumping by a University of Houston and City of...

DBP and Hardness Control by Membrane Filtration
Ultra (UF) and nanofiltration (NF) were evaluated for removal of disinfection by-product (DBP) precursors and hardness from Rio Grande water in New Mexico and Texas. In order to compare...

Developing Design Parameters for Constructing Ecologically Functional Marshes Using Dredged Material in Galveston Bay, Texas

Dewatering and Crust Management of Confined Disposal Areas in Galveston Bay, Texas





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