Soil Bioengineering Takes Root
Soil bioengineering is an often misunderstood and maligned technology that has not always been given a fair trial. Moving away from reliance on hard structural solutions, engineers may...

Air-Formed Concrete Shells for Cold Regions

Rule-Based Approach for Design Standards Scope Representation

Design Cases: A Supplementary Knowledge Source for Structural Component Design

New Approach for Tensile Testing of FRP Composites

Stressing Masonry's Future
Post-tensioning techniques are expanding the possibilities for masonry in building and bridge construction. Two projects in Britain and the U.S. show the rewards of rethinking approaches...

Simulation-Based Assessment of Fatigue Life

Steel Post-Tensioning Tendon Behavior: Up to 35-Year Marine Exposure

Reliability Based Evaluation and Monitoring of Structures with Unbonded Post-Tensioned Tendons

Investigation, Repair and Monitoring of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Tendons

Evaluation of Stay Cable Tension Using a Non-Destructive Vibration Technique

Natural Frequencies of Guyed Communication Towers

Determination of Guy Wire Tension by Vibration Measurement

FRP Properties on Performance of FRP Reinforced Bridge Girders

Raising a Post-Tensioned Concrete Roof

Raising the Roof at Escondida Mine: An Uplifting Experience

Comparison of ASD vs. LRFD for an Aluminum Clear Span Roof Structure

Seismic Performance of High Strength Concrete Structural Components

Seismic Upgrade Study for the Oregon State Capitol Dome

The Tensile Polyhedral Structural System





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