First Post Tensioned Deck Bridge with Composite Cables

Parking Lot Corrosion Cure
The $3 million structural repair and restoration of a large post-tensioned parking structure required engineers to replace 2,400 tendons while keeping the parking garage in service. After...

Stability of a Geodesic Dome Under Symmetric Dynamic Loads

Supplemental Damping to Control the Vibration of Lattice Domes

Stiffness and Strength of Bracing for Compression Members

Long Span Systems for Tensioned Fabric Roofs

Tensioned Fabric Membrane Roofs for Tensegrity Domes

Prestress Loss in Post-tensioned Masonry: Influence of Unit Type

On the representation of masonry creep by rheological analogy

Application of Boundary Element Method to Structural Damage Assessment

Fatigue Lives of Bridge Repairs

Practical Application of Fuzzy Tension Adjustment to Bridge Construction

Advances and Case Studies in Nonlinear Structural Analysis

Improvements to the Snow and Rain Provisions of ASCE Manual 7

Columbus Clear Wells
At an average of 8 million gal. each, six new clear wells at the Hap Cremean Water Plant in Columbus, Ohio represent the largest post-tensioned, reinforced concrete noncircular tanks ever...

Finite Element and Simplified Methods for Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Open Sections

Tension Stiffening Effect in Smeared Crack Model

Solitons and Chaos in Nonlinear Periodic Structures

Stochastic Stability of Gyroscopic Systems Under Random Parametric Excitations

Amplification Factors to be Used in Simplified Seismic Dynamic Analysis of Select Structural Components





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