VSL's Experience with Post-Tensioned Masonry

Prestress Loss Due to Creep in Post-Tensioned Clay Masonry

High Performance Highway Bridge Substructures

Proposed Prestressed Masonry Design Provisions

Tensile Response of Reinforced High Strength Concrete Members

Comparative Simulation of Oil Weathering
Oil spills in the aquatic environment, an unfortunately more and more common occurrence, cause contamination effects which negatively impact water quality, health of ecosystems and water...

New Block Copolymers for Membrane Materials
New fluorine containing polymer materials, which contain n-fluoro octylacrylate (pFOA) or n-fluorooctylmethylacrylate (pFOMA) repeating units, are being explored for use in thin film composite...

Hydraulic Design of Subsurface Flow Wetlands
Although Subsurface Flow Wetlands (SFW) have received steadily increasing international attention during the past 10 to 15 years, comprehensive design criteria are not available for some...

Creeping Suspicion
High-capacity, epoxy-coated anchors were installed at Upper Occoquan Dam to increase the stability of the 70-foot-high concrete gravity dam and powerhouse under revised Probable Maximum...

Application of Neural Networks for the Performance Evaluation of Bridges

Monotonic Loading of Brittle Materials: A Stochastic Damage Model

Wave Induced Reaction Forces and Tension in TLP Tendons

Reliability of Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Bridges

Possibilities of Fracture Mechanics Models Application to Optimisation of Operational Use of Large-Size Machine Components

Reliability Procedures as a Design Tool for Structures and Mechanical Components

A New Element Flexibility Based FEM for Stochastic Structures

A Finite Element Based Probability Contouring Method for Structural Analysis

Monitoring Prestressed Structures
Developments in remote-monitoring technology provide new options for cost-effective management of prestressed and post-tensioned reinforcement systems. A case study shows how engineers...

Mechanisms of Removal of Residual Dodecane Using Surfactant Foam

Upscaling of Pore-Scale Concepts to Develop Models of NAPL Ganglion Dynamics





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