Alaskan Building Celebrates Native Culture with Traditional, Modern Elements

Analysis of the Tension Leg Stable Platform

Book Review: The Tensioned Fabric Roof by Craig G. Huntington. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2004

Response of Tension Piles to Simulated Seismic Motion in Saturated Fine Sand

Flexural Behavior of Slender Post-Tensioned Masonry Walls
The 2002 edition of the Masonry Standards Joint Committee (MSJC, 2002) design provisions for masonry structures includes a chapter on the design of post-tensioned masonry (PTM) walls with...

Degrees of Belief
Subjective Probability and Engineering Judgment
Degrees of Belief artfully weaves together three elements at the very core of engineering: uncertainties in knowledge, inductive reasoning,...

Tension Stiffening Effect in RC Beams with Steel Fiber

Smart Online Structural Monitoring and Diagnosis
(abstract only) This paper describes the observation matrix as innovative monitoring and diagnosis: (1) The matrix elements of the observation matrix multiplied by its transposed serve...

Small-Diameter Round Timber Connections
An over stocking of trees having diameters less than 20 cm, as measured 1.52 m off the ground presents a major fire hazard to over 54 million acres of National Forest land. Improving the...

Design of Tension Lap Splices in High Strength Concrete

Aspects of a Computer-Simulation Approach to the Design of HSC

System Identification for Cable Tension Adjustment Using Fuzzy Mathematical Programming

An Introduction to the New Prestressed Masonry Code Provisions

Restoring Historic Bridges using Modern Methods

Estimating Fire Exposures for the Purpose of Evaluating the Expected Performance of Structural Elements

Aluminum Gusset Plates in Tension

A Review of Design Codes for Aluminum

Simultaneous Measurement of Roof Pressures and Applications

Material Specifications for Pultruded Building Components: What is Required?

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