Microfine Cement/Sodium Silicate Grout

Stabilized Active Clay by Sand Admixture

Engineering Properties of Acrylate Polymer Grout

Application of a Dolos Structural Design Procedure
Dolos concrete armor units are widely used to protect coastal structures. New developments in armor unit strength design permit the armor unit designer to optimize the dolos parameters...

Effects of Mixing on Rheological Properties of Microfine Cement Grout

The Evaluation of Slope Stability—A 25 Year Perspective

Fiber Ropes for Ocean Engineering in the 21st Century
Recent advances in synthetic fiber ropes will greatly influence the practice of civil engineering in the oceans during the 21st Century. New fibers have moduli almost as high as steel...

Unidirected Twined-Strand Composites and Their Uses
Twined strand composites are a new class of unidirected continuous-fiber-reinforced composite materials where the orientation of the continuous fibers is a twine of unidirected helically...

Conditions for Initiation of Rainfall-Induced Debris Flows

Strengthening of Structures with CFRP Laminates

Fiberglass and Graphite Cables for Bridge Decks

Transverse Shearing of Novel Honeycomb Cores

Numerical Investigation of Ultimate Strength of Composite Box Beams

The Effect of Loading Rate on the Bending Strength of Alluvium Reinforced Ice
Traditional building materials are often less than ideal for construction in remote Arctic locations. Their mechanical properties may be degraded in extreme cold, and costs associated...

New Admixtures for Cold Weather Concreting
Chemicals were tested for their ability to promote strength gain in portland cement concrete at low temperature. The admixtures depressed the freezing point of the mix water and accelerated...

Preliminary Results of Direct Tension Tests on First-Year Sea Ice Samples
We present the initial results of our tests to determine the tensile behavior of columnar sea ice over a range of temperatures extending from -20 to -3°C and strain rates of 10-5...

Snow Fence Operational and Material Testing
The proliferation of snow fence products since the late 1970's presents an opportunity for optimizing the control of drifting snow. It also presents a challenge in discriminating...

Fly Ash Grouts for Subsidence Control
A laboratory investigation was undertaken to examine procedures for evaluating candidate grouts and to develop quality grouts for use in abandoned mines. The objective of this grout application...

Superplasticized High-Volume Fly Ash Structural Concrete
This research was carried out to develop structural grade concrete containing high-volumes of ASTM Class C fly ash. A Portland cement concrete, proportioned to have 28-day compressive...

3-D Testing of Backfill Soil in Buried Pipe Design





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