Stability and Closure Design for a Landfill on Soft Clay and Peat

Strength Parameters for Cut Slope Stability in Marine Sediments

Comparison of Field and Laboratory Residual Strengths

Soil Strengths from Back Analysis of Slope Failures

Analysis of Slope Failure and Remedial Design of an Earth Dam

Stability of the Olga C Test Embankment

Stability Evaluations for Old Water Supply Dams in Pennsylvania

FS=1.5: Is It Appropriate for Embankment Design?

Cause and Mechanism of Failure Kettleman Hills Landfill B-19, Phase IA

Stability Analysis of a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

Long Term Behavior of Urban Fill Embankments

Slope Remediation

Geosynthetic Strength—Ultimate and Serviceability Limit State Design

A Design Method for Reinforced Clay Embankments on Soft Foundations

Probabilistic Evaluation of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
A probabilistic model is developed to evaluate the bearing capacity of shallow foundations. The bearing capacity formulation proposed by Terzaghi is used but with the bearing capacity...

Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints Under Broadband Loadings
Twelve welded high strength steel cruciform specimens were tested under stochastic loadings to determine the influence on fatigue life of the bandwidth of the loading process. Constant...

Optimal Configuration for Fiber Reinforced Composites under Uncertainties of Material Properties and Loadings
Fiber reinforced composite structures could be designed by selecting proper fiber orientation in structures to suit specified desires for strength, stiffness or other mechanical properties....

Compressive Strength and Characterization of Failure Modes for Polymer Concrete
The effect of aggregate type, polymer content and specimen dimensions on the compressive strength and failure modes of a polyester polymer concrete (PC) was investigated. Two aggregate...

Determination of Interfacial Shear and Normal Stresses in Fiber Pull-Out
In this paper we present an improved formulation for the pullout problem, wherein both the effects of fiber end condition and interfacial and frictional shear stresses are considered....

Experimental and Theoretical Study of Flexural Behavior of Polymer Fiber Reinforced, Cement-Treated Soils





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