Simulation of Far-Field Thermal Effects from Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
A computer model was used to evaluate the far-field effects of revised thermal discharge limitations at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant (BFN)....

Onsite Storage Facility for Low Level Radwaste
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has designed and constructed an onsite storage facility for low level radwaste (LLRW) at its Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in northern Alabama. The paper...

Government Agency Perspective on Standard for Drilled Shafts
Relative to the proposed ASCE standard for Design and Construction of Drilled Shafts, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) would be considered an 'owner'. However,...

Movement of Tractive Sediment from Disturbed Lands
The Smoky Creek basin of the coal area of northeastern Tennessee shows extensive evidence of tractive movement of coarse sediment from mined tributary basins into the main channel. Coal-rich...

Reservoir System Management for Hydropower
A study was undertaken to develop a comprehensive reservoir operation simulation model of the Cumberland River Basin, located in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee. Hydropower production...

Effects of Resource Development on Water Quality in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, Tennessee and Kentucky
The South Fork Cumberland River begins in Tennessee at the confluence of the New River and Clear Fork. Strip mining for coal in the New River basin has been ongoing for decades with little...

Development and Stability of Colluvium in Nashville

Fifty Years of Operation of the TVA Reservoir

Estimating Flood Frequencies at Ungaged Locations

Knoxville's Junction Functions
The urban highway system in Knoxville was originally built as a local expressway in the early 1950's. It was designed to significantly lower standards than Interstate and...

Water Usage and Treatment, Tennessee Synfuels Project

Waste Heat Use: The TVA Watts Bar Waste Heat Park

The Hazardous Waste Dilemma
Issues and Solutions
The legal aspects, siting, management, disposal and site restoration of hazardous wastes are explored in an expansion of 30 of the technical papers that were presented at the 1980 conference...

An Overview of Impoundment Uses and Problems: The TVA Experience

Eutrophication Analysis of TVA Reservoirs

Assessment and Analysis of Eutrophication of Tennessee River System Impoundments

Trihalomethanes in the Nashville Water Supply

Proposed Program for Siting Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities: TVA's Experience

Planned Enhancement of Water Management Methods for the TVA Reservoir System

Management of the TVA Reservoir System





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