Designing Secret Cities
Before the U.S. government could develop the first atomic bombs in World War II, it first had to design and construct three “secret cities” at which that work would be completed. Created almost entirely...

When Things Became Muddy: TVA's Response to Seepage Discharge at Boone Dam
In October 2014, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) profited from investments in a robust dam safety program. This profit did not come in the form of money, but more importantly in the protection of...

Becoming Greener with Green Sand: An Iron Castings Company Devises an Environmentally Friendly Liner System Reusing Foundry Byproduct
Metalcasting is one of the oldest methods of recycling—humans have a few millennia worth of experience with the technique—but today's industry still battles public preconceptions...

A New Identity
By repairing and relocating steel trusses, replacing deteriorating approach spans, and replacing what, at the time of its construction, was regarded as a daring concrete truss, engineers...

Case History of East Tennessee Karst: Static Stability of Some Shallow Caves

Closing the Gap
In 1944 Congress authorized construction of the Foothills Parkway, a 116 km highway through the Tennessee mountains along the northwestern edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park....

Experimental Approach
One of the best kept secrets during World War II, the K-25 facility in the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee prepared uranium for use in nuclear weapons. By 1987, the 13 million sq...

Geophysical Surveys of a Known Karst Feature: Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems: New Developments and Future Directions

Grouting to Reinforce Limestone Residual Soil in East Tennessee

Conquering the Mountain
Interstate 26 will be the largest and most expensive highway project ever undertaken in North Carolina. When completed in 2002, I-26 will provide safe and efficient interstate passage...

Making the Grade
A new grade of high performance steel, HPS-70W, allows engineers to design tougher, lighter structures. The high performance weathering steel has a yield strength of 70 ksi, or 485 MPa....

Hydraulic Analysis Using FESWMS-2DH of the State Route 76 and Hatchie River Crossing in Brownsville, Tennessee

Operation and Performance of Reservoir Release Improvements at 16 TVA Dams

Critical Watershed Identification for West Tennessee Streams using GIS

An Analysis of the Success of RBCA in Tennessee UST Site Management

Come to Nashville in 2002 for ASCE's 150th Birthday Party and Join the Tennessee Section in Celebration of Our Two Centuries of Civil Engineering

A Bridge Along the Same Lines
Engineers in Tennessee were recently charged with building a new viaduct in an old profile, while at the same time keeping headroom for the trains and keeping off the neighbors'...

Analysis of Raccoon Mountain Generator Overheating

Cooling and Uprate Analysis of Hydro Generators





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