Low-Temperature Repair of the Ice Condenser Floor Slab at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

Intake Canal Modifications Improve Power Plant Efficiency

Modeling of Road Surface Temperatures in Winter

Temperature Distribution Characteristics at Three LTPP Seasonal Monitoring Sites in Cold Regions

Comparative Frost Heave Test Results in Japan

Tire Shreds as Lightweight Fill for Embankments and Retaining Walls
Use of tire shreds in three highway projects is described. In the first project, tire shreds were used as a compressible inclusion to reduce pressures on a rigid frame bridge. Earth pressures...

Linkages Between the El Nino-Southern Oscillation and U.S. Droughts

Advanced Methods for Assessing Temperature Effects on Fish

Pseudo-Heterodyne Demodulation Technique for Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors: Application in Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature and Strain

Impacts of In-Stream Flow Requirements Upon Water Temperature in the Central Platte River

Adaptive Management of the Impacts of In-Stream Flow on Water Temperature in the Central Platte River: Results of a Peer Panel Review

Instream Flow Condition and Summer Water Temperature in the Central Platte River

Selective Withdrawal at Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Relationship of Emigration of Silver American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) to Environmental Variables at a Low Head Hydro Station

Analysis of Raccoon Mountain Generator Overheating

Evaluation of Hydro Projects Operational Changes on Colbert Fossil Plant Water Intake Temperature

Turbine Flow Measurement at Kariba Dam

Climate, Building Design, Energy Use and Comfort

Piezometer Assessments of Grenada Dam Outlet Structure Lead to Innovative Rehabilitations

Accuracy of Flow Measurements in the Imperial Irrigation District





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