Fuzzy Rule-Based Forecasting of Extreme Rainfall Probability Conditioned on Sea Surface Temperature
(No paper) The recent El Nino event demonstrated the importance of sea-surface temperature on rainfall anomalies. The purpose of this paper is to develop a methodology to forecast extreme...

Radio Frequency Heating System for Enhanced Bioremediation: Pilot Test Results, Fort Wainwright, Alaska

Constructibility of Polymer-Modified Asphalt Aggregate Mixtures in Alaska

Effects of Low Temperature on Concrete Strength

Validation of Py Curves from Pressuremeter and Dilatometer Tests at Auburn, Alabama

Flat Dilatometer Modulus Applied to Drilled Shaft Foundations in Piedmont Residuum

Characterization of a Tropical Clay via Dilatometer Tests

Effect of Sole Nitrogen Sources and Temperature on Activated Sludge

Swash Zone Velocity and Volumetric Measurement Using a Simple Video Technique

Hybrid Wave Models and Their Applications

Some Aspects on Wave Kinematics and Wave Measurements

Irregular Wave Kinematics from PUV Gauge

A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

Long-Term and Extreme Waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Wave Crest Distributions: Observations and Second Order Theory

Turbulent Wave Boundary Layers in the Surf- and Swash Zone—Analysis of Small Scale Field Measurements

On the Average Wave Steepness

High Resolution Measurements of Turbulent Fluxes and Dissipation Rates in the Benthic Boundary Layer

Three Dimensional Flow Field Measurement of Breaking Waves

CRF Study of Wave Kinematics in Front of Coastal Structures





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