Granular Temperature - Internal Wave Interaction

Surface Velocity Vector Field Measurement of Debris Flow Based on Spatio Temporal Derivative Space Method

Effects of Slab Size on Critical Responses in Airport Concrete Pavements

In-Situ Radio Frequency Heating for Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Contamination

Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction with Radio Frequency Heating

Automatic Control and Instrumentation

Surface Velocity Measurement of River Flow Using Video Images of an Oblique Angle

Air Concentration Measurements in Highly Turbulent Aerated Flow

Getting More from Flow Monitoring Data

Degradation of Natural Building Stone
This proceedings, Degradation of Natural Building Stone represents an effort to collate the various disciplines working in the area of building...

Potential Changes of Mudflow Phenomena Due to Global Warming

On the Origin of Infragravity Waves in the Surf Zone of a Dissipative Multiple Bar System

Study of Surf-Zone Macroturbulence and Mixing Using Delta '93 Field Data

Physical and Numerical Study of Wave Induced Currents in Wave Basins of Various Sizes

Comparison of Computed Three-Dimensional Wave-Driven Currents with Measurements

Beach Profile Evolution Under Mean Conditions

Computational Modeling of Early Age HPC

Numerical Simulation of Temperature in the New York Bight

Dormant Season Alfalfa Water Balance on the NIIP
Non-growing season water balance parameters were measured for alfalfa under high-elevation desert conditions of the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project in northwest New Mexico. The lysimeters...

Discharge Measurements and Predictions in Wetlands
Existing procedures used to estimate discharge in wetland environments are evaluated. Suggestions are made for possible improved methodologies based on field investigation. Suggestions...





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