Integrated Water Resources Planning of Quantity and Quality in Taiwan

Modeling of Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Feitsui Reservoir Watershed

Developing a Wasteload Allocations Protocol for Streams in Taiwan

Development of a Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Strategy for Taiwan

Conjunctive Use Planning in the Tanshui River Basin, Taiwan

Ports '95
This proceedings, Ports '95, is a collection of the technical papers presented at the Ports '95 Conference held in...

An Analytical Hierarchy Process for Decision Making of High-Level-Waste Management

Cross Border Disposal of Radioactive Wastes (Part II): Preliminary Case Study

Strategic Evaluation of Remediation of Seawater Intrusion by Wastewater Recharge in Kaohsiung Coastal Area in Taiwan

The Six-Year National Development Plan of the Republic of China in Taiwan -- an Update Report

New Program for the Marine Observation and Prediction Center of the Central Weather Bureau
With the increase of economic activities on the oceans and seas, the observation of marine phenomena and forecast services become more and more significant. The Central Weather Bureau...

Public Participation in Enviornmental Issues in Taiwan

The Spent Fuel Disposal Program in Taiwan

Development of Transport Model for Groundwater Planning and Management in Taipei Basin
The objective of this paper is to develop a groundwater model for contaminant transport simulation. The transport model, in conjunction with the previously developed flow model, is used...

An Improved Design of Fishways Under High Variation of Headwater
For the purpose of mitigating environmental impact, it is necessary to build fish passing facilities for fish migration when a dam is constructed on a river. But when the headwater variation...

Enter the Dragon
The Chien Tan Dragon Boat train will be the flagship station of the 87 km Taipei Rapid Transit System (RTS) in Taiwan, which consists of eight heavy rail lines, two medium-capacity lines...

The Introduction of Steel Fibre Shotcrete to Underground Cavern Support in Taiwan
The Mingten project is located in a sheared, sandstone rock mass near a regional fault. The design philosophy introduced steel fibre shotcrete as a permanent cavern support in Taiwan....

Seismic Assessment and Renovation Study for Highway Bridges
This paper is concerned with hazards mitigation on highway bridges due to earthquake ground motions. Damage to transportation systems may occur if the acting faults of May-Shan and Tsu-Kou...

MRT Cable Supported Roof
A cable supported roof structure for Chientan station (R18A) at Taipei Mass Rail Transit system's Tan-Sui line are under construction. Unique wind and cross sectional dynamic effect has...

Design of the Main Bridge of the Huachiang Bridge
The Huachiang Bridge will be reconstructed by erecting the deck structure in two steps to avoid reducing or interfering with the bridge's traffic flow. Both the analysis and the detailed...





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