Role of ASCE in the Advancement of Computing in Civil Engineering
Computing has emerged as a major focus area in civil engineering, just as it has in other disciplines. This paper examines the role of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in...

Engineering, Design and Construction of Lunar Bases
How do we begin to expand our civilization to the Moon? What are the technical issues that infrastructural engineers, in particular, must address? This paper has the goal of introducing...

Application of `SWAT2000' for Hydrological Modeling of Small Watershed in Eastern India
The present study deals with an application of a physically based continuous hydrological model (SWAT2000) forhydrological modeling of small agricultural watershed of Gowai river catchment...

A Decision Support System for Drought Management Planning
Traditional drought management planning has focused on curtailment of demand by instituting voluntary or mandatory restrictions on water consumption when regional hydroclimatic indicators...

Decision Support System for Daily Real-Time Operations in the Geum River Basin, Korea
A joint international collaboration between the Korea Water Resources Corporation (KOWACO) and Colorado State University (CSU) has resulted in development of a decision support system...

Replacing a Dying Water Infrastructure
The water infrastructure in the United States will soon need massive repairs. Pipes are leaking, and most pipes are near the end of their life cycles. Tens of thousands of sewer overflows...

Development and Application of a Decision Support System for Municipal Water Infrastructure Planning: Challenges and Successes
Many water utilities across the country continue to face the challenge of intelligent planning for cost effective, efficient operation, larger demands, stricter government regulations,...

Frozen Ground Engineering
This new edition gives a peerless presentation of soil mechanics for frozen ground conditions and a variety of frozen ground support systems used on construction project worldwide. An...

A Realistic Vision for the Future of IT in Civil Engineering and a Plan for Achieving It
In October 2001, a group of experts from the capital projects industry met in San Antonio, Texas to begin development of a comprehensive technology research and development (R&D)...

The Role of Pavement Mechanics in the Future of Pavement Design, Construction, Performance, and Management - Opening Address

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