Dynamic Torsional Response of Symmetric Structures

Stability of a Geodesic Dome Under Symmetric Dynamic Loads

A Quasicrystal for Denmark's Coast
The first true quasicrystal structure will have been built in the fall of 1993 at COAST (The Center for Art, Science, and Technology at the Danish Technical University). With 600 aluminum...

Buckling of Guyed Towers
The buckling load of a column guyed in a plane by symmetric guy wires is considered. The column is built-in at the ground, supported at the top by guy wires, and is loaded by a vertical...

Design of Monosymmetric Sections in Flexure
Monosymmetric members are generally I-shaped, symmetrical about the plane of the web, and characteristically have a larger compression flange than tension flange. Examples are crane girders...

A Shear Locking Free Three-Node Triangular Plate Bending Element for Moderately-Thick and Thin Symmetrically Cross-Ply Laminated Plates
A shear locking free three-node triangular plate bending element based on Reissner/Mindlin theory for symmetric general cross-ply laminated plates is developed. The element has total nine...

Similarity Solutions of Starting Jets and Starting Plumes
Similarity solutions of the starting jets and the starting plumes are obtained using a one dimensional model based on the top-hat profiles and the symmetry assumption for the velocity...

Flow in a Model Symmetric Bifurcation
Flow through bifurcations is of particular interst to the field of hemodynamics and respiration dynamics. In this paper flow through a model symmetric bifurcation is studied experimentally...

An Analytical Solution to Free Vibration Problems of Cross-ply Laminated Thin Doubly-curved Shells
Hitherto an unavailable analytical solution to the free vibration boundary value problems (b.v.ps.) of symmetric and antisymmetric cross-ply laminated thin doubly-curved shells of rectangular...

Finite Element Discretization for Mixed-Mode Fracture Problems
The finite element discretization of mixed-mode problems in fracture mechanics is investigated. The characteristics of the mesh near the crack affect the accuracy of the finite element...

Symmetric Wake Development Past a Circular Cylinder

Optimum Design of Concrete Columns with Rectangular Sections Reinforced by Symmetrical Steel Bars

Successive Symmetric Quadratures: A New Approach to the Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations

Minimum Thickness Design of Symmetric Composite Laminates

Thin Wall Section Properties by Graphical Integration

Prediction of Karman Vortex Behind Arbitrary Symmetric Body

Boundary Element Method Applied to Anisotropic Half-Plane Problems

Free Vibration Analysis of Cyclically Symmetric Structures Using Finite Element Techniques

Dynamics of a Projectile in a Concentric Flexible Tube

Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Material with Uniaxial Symmetric Tresca Yield Condition and Cyclic Loading





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