Coupling Physical, Chemical, or Biological Methods for Innovative Groundwater Remediation Coupled Polymer Floods and Bio-Chemical Remediation Techniques for Enhanced Groundwater Treatment
Many groundwater remediation techniques are designed to remove or destroy contaminants in situ, but these goals can be accomplished only by...

Hydrologic Comparison of Four Types of Permeable Pavement and Standard Asphalt in Eastern North Carolina
A permeable pavement parking lot in eastern North Carolina consisting of four types of permeable pavement and standard asphalt was monitored from June 2006 to July 2007 for hydrologic...

Size and Scale Effects on the Shear Strength of Concrete Beams
This paper identifies and discusses the role of proper geometric scale of relevant parameters in the size effect in shear, particularly in terms of practical beam design. In the overall...

Astrophysicist Creates Lunar Dust Concrete

NewsBriefs: Composite Metal Foam Is High in Strength, Low in Weight

2008 Civil Engineering Industry Buyer' Guide
A Special Supplement to Civil Engineering Magazine
This guide covers the following topics: Construction materials; Geotechnical and environmental; Information technology; Pipelines, sewers, and accessories; Professional and professional...

Fatigue Reliability in Welded Joints of Offshore Structures

Structures: Permeable Skin Breathes Life into Spanish Soccer Area

Coastal Engineering: Dredged Material Cell Will Experience Extraordinary Settlement

Forensic Engineering: Investigators Fault Epoxy 'Creep' in Big Dig Collapse

Forensic Engineering: Tendon Failure Raises Questions about Grout in Posttensioned Bridges

NewsBriefs: New Circuitry to be Printed on Flexible Plastic (USA Today)

NewsBriefs: Controlled Shrinkage or Urban Decline (The Wall Street Journal Online)

Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis of Fixed Offshore Structures

Structural Condition Assessment
In Structural Condition Assessment, editor-in-chief Robert Ratay gathers together the leading people in the field to produce the first unified resource on all aspects of structural condition...

Materials: Washington State to Study Quieter Pavement Technologies

Corebits: Geo-Institute News � GeoCongress 2006...It's a Success!; Looking for a Speaker?; Shrink-Swell Soils Short Course (endorsed by the Geo-Institute of ASCE); Governor-Elect Nominees; Call for Abstracts for New GSP; Look at these 3 New G-I Offerings; Asphalt Concrete � Simulation, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization; Geotechnical Application for Transportation Infrastructure; G-I Thanks Former Geo-strata Publisher

Materials: Lumber Made of Recycled Plastic Prevents Marine Borer Damage

Materials: High-Performance Steel Employed in Load-Bearing Bridge Components

Book Review: The New Science of Strong Materials: or Why You Don't Fall through the Floor by J.E. Gordon. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2006





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