Integrated Stormwater Management in the City of Malmö, Sweden

A Case Study of the Stormwater Treatment Facilities in Flemingsbergsviken, South of Stockholm

Quasi-Optimum Redistribution of Empty PRT Vehicles

People Mover System in Uppsala: Test and Demonstration Track

Image-Based Winter Road Condition Recognition

Swedish Success
Constructing the Hoga Kusten Bridge in northern Sweden, which features the seventh-longest main span of any suspension bridge in the world, was a complex task made more difficult by the...

Morphological Impact Assessment of Artificial Islands for the Øresund Link Between Denmark and Sweden

Particle Dynamics in the Sound Between Denmark and Sweden

Isotopic Systematics of Saline Waters at Äspö and Laxemar, Sweden

Intended Validation in the Swedish Program for Spent Nuclear Fuel

Indirect Evidences for Quantification of Groundwater Flow: Assessment of the Consistency of Geohydrological Groundwater Flow Models and Hydrochemical Mixing/Reaction Models of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Low Temperature Performance Rating Criteria for Lubrication Greases

Studded Tire Research in Norway, Finland and Sweden

Design Principles for Use When Shotcrete is the Method of Rock Support for the Stockholm Ring Road System

Quality and Quality Variations of Wet and Dry Mix Shotcrete - Experiences From Grödinge Railway Track Project

The Role of Cation Exchange in Controlling Groundwater Chemistry at Äspö, Sweden

The Rôle of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory in the Swedish Deep Repository Programme

Two-Phase Flow in Regionally Saturated Fractured Rock Near Excavations

Groundwater Predictions in the Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Recent Developments in Sweden on Spent Fuel Management





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