Whole-Field Diagnostic in Flows with Suspended Sediment Using Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Initial Experiences with Particle Image Velocimetry Applied to Particulate Flows

Measurements on Suspension Flow in Open Channels

Fine Sediment Transport Rates Measured by Laser Profiling

Correlation Between Turbidity and Suspended Solids Concentration in a Tidal Saltmarsh Creek

Measurement of Cohesive Sediment Erodibility in a Laboratory Flume

Ultrasonic Measurement of Sediment Bed Profiles

Calculation of Flow in Combining Manifolds for Final Settling Tanks

Deposition of Dredged Sediment after Ocean Dumping

Reach-Average Dimensions for Channel Reconstruction

Efficiency of Local River Restorations - Results from Numerical Modelling and Monitoring

Sedimentation Engineering for River Restoration Workshop

The Fluvial Geomorphology of the Tuolumne River: Implications for the Riverine Ecosystem and Salmonid Restoration

A Low Shear Stress Gravel-Bed River

Managing Water Quality in the Tidal Ouse (UK), Problems Associated with Suspended Sediment Oxygen Demand

Analyses of Flow and Diffusion in Arctic Seas

The Morphodynamics of a Sill in the Schelde Estuary (The Netherlands) and the Influence of Maintenance Dredging Activities

Geomorphological Analysis and Modelling Studies of Yunlin Coast

A First Attempt of Analysis of Coastal Physical Models by Means of Numerical Model

Multi-Layer Simulation of Sediment Transport Around a Breakwater





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