Large-Eddy Computation of Horizontal Fluidized Bed by a New Multiphase LES

Santa Fe Sensation
The new renovation of the Sante Fe Opera Theater is a striking combination of architecture and engineering. The owners wanted to upgrade amenities, especially ADA compliance, and to protect...

Bioavailability and Reductive Dechlorination of Sediment-Bound Chlorinated Benzenes

An Urban Lake Remediation Experiment

Evaluation of Management Strategies for the Doan Brook Urban Watershed

The Removal of Microorganisms by Clarification

Biodetention: A Best Management Practice for Nonpoint Source Pollution

Three-Dimensional Contaminant Transport/Fate Model

A Predictive Model of Sediment Transport

Physical Processes Affecting the Sedimentary Environments of Long Island Sound

Morphodynamic Responses to Extratropical Meteorological Forcing on the Inner Shelf of the Middle Atlantic Bight: Wind Waves, Currents, and Suspended Sediment Transport

A Particle Method for Sediment Transport Modeling in the Jade Estuary

Resuspension and Advection of Sediment During Hurricane Andrew on the Lousiana Continental Shelf

Models for Suspended Sediment Dispersion and Drift

Wave and Sedimentation Modeling for Bahia San Juan de Dios, Mexico

Sediment Transport Dynamics in a Dredged Channel

Innovative Instrumentation Techniques for Detecting and Measuring the Effects of Sediment Scour Under Ice

Effect of Clay Content on Bridge Scour

Pier Scour in Montmorillonite Clay Soils

The Mechanism of Bank Caving of Lower Yantze River





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