Instrumented Monitoring and Nondestructive Evaluation of Highway Bridges

Estimation of Infrastructure Distress Initiation and Progression Models from Condition Surveys

Use of the Falling Weight Deflectometer in Conjunction with the Photographic Survey Methods in Concrete Pavement Restoration Programs

Piezometer Assessments of Grenada Dam Outlet Structure Lead to Innovative Rehabilitations

Areal Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Several Alternative Formulations of the CRAE Hypothesis

Turbulent Scalar Flux Measurements Over Model Bivalves

Tracing Discharges in Ocean Environments Using a Rare Earth Tracer

South-American River Navigation System and Some Ecologic Problems

Conjunctive Use of Geophysical or Tracer Data with Hydrogeological Testing for Enhanced Site Characterization

Unconditional and Conditional Analysis of the Cape Cod Tracer Test

Solute Transport at the Borden Field Experiment: Grain- and Field-Scale Rate Limitations

Double-Mass Curve Used on Sedimentology - A Case Study

Hot-Film Shear Stress Measurements in Laminar and Turbulent Flows

Discrimination Between Inertial and Macroviscous Flows of Fine-Grained Debris with a Rolling-Sleeve Viscometer

Debris Flow Monitoring Activities in an Instrumented Watershed on the Italian Alps

Automated Snow Avalanche Hazard Reduction

Acoustic Detection Sensor for Debris Flow

Optimal Fiber Optics
Fiber optics, which played a crucial role in reinventing the telecommunications industry, have historically been noted for their potential in other facets of science and technology. Yet,...

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airportā€”Development of Database

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport: Dynamic Sensor Data Processing





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