What�ll They Think of Next? Dewatering Contaminated Slurries Using Geotextile Tubes
Sediment must be dredged from the bottom of waterbodies to maintain their capacity and navigability. Dredging, by its nature, involves the removal of highwater-content slurries and also helps preserve...

Sediment Pollution: Solving "Rill" Problems Using RECPs
Sediment pollution causes an estimated $16 billion in environmental damage annually. Sediment is the most common pollutant in rivers, streams, lakes, and reservoirs, causing such negative effects as temperature...

Cyberattack on Florida Water Treatment Facility Should Prompt Security Assessments

70 Years of Soil-Bentonite Slurry Walls: So, What's New
The soil-bentonite slurry wall (SBSW) is an established ground improvement technology that continues to find applications. It�s often the best and most economical vertical barrier to essentially stop lateral...

Design of Shoreline Protection Measures : The Importance of Geotechnical Engineering in Waterfront Design
Over the past decade, there�s been an increased realization of the need to better protect our shorelines, particularly in urban environments along coastlines that have already been impacted by storm surge...

Beyond the Water�s Edge: Geotechnics in the Wet
Gaining insight into the subsurface and developing an understanding of what�s hidden below ground is a key to the design and construction process. Geotechnical engineers and geologists often develop their...

Final Rule Continues Efforts to Rescind Federal Protection for Certain Streams, Wetlands

Utah Sets Regional Water Conservation Goals, Aims to Cut Overall Use 16 Percent by 2030

Proposed Rule for Lead and Copper in Drinking Water Raises Concerns

Colorado Diversion Dam Upgrade Benefits Cities, Whitewater Recreation, Fish Passage

Algae Harvesting Technology Cleans Water

Senate Committee Passes Bills Addressing Water Resources, Clean Water, and Drinking Water

House Passes $10-Billion Water Resources Development Act, Focus Turns to Senate

Chronic Drought Could Cause Water Shortages in the Colorado River Basin, Reclamation Warns

Florida City�s Water System Opens New Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant

Urban Areas Show Progress in Reducing Nutrient Loads to U.S. Coastal Waters, Study Says

Adventures in Managing Water
Real-World Engineering Experiences
Sponsored by the River Basin Planning, Policy, and Operations Technical Committee of the Planning and Management Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCEAdventures in Managing...

Proposed Rule Would Limit Clean Water Act Protection for Certain Streams, Wetlands
A draft proposal released in December by the Trump administration aims to simplify the process of determining whether a body of water is protected by the Clean Water Act....

The Urban Ocean: The Interaction of Cities with Water, by Alan F. Blumberg and Michael S. Bruno. New York City: Cambridge University Press, 2018

House Bill Would Boost Authorized Spending of Clean Water State Revolving Fund





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