High-Performance Powder
The application of fundamental principles related to the composition, the making, and the thermal treatment of concrete resulted in the development of a new type of concrete with outstanding...

Propagation Property of Dynamic Pressure Through Reclaimed Sand Behind Caisson-Type Seawalls

Navigating the Planning and Implementation Efforts of a Dredging Project Amidst the Myriad of Local, State and Federal Bureacratic Floating Mines

Concrete Change
The concrete industry has an array of options when it comes to recycling. Incorporating glass, chicken feathers, palm fronds, sludge, crushed computer casings or other recycled materials...

Long Waves-Short Waves Resonance in Three Dimensions

Some Aspects on Wave Kinematics and Wave Measurements

Wave Kinematics Based on a Lagrangian Formulation

Spectral Response Surfaces, Designer Waves and the Ringing of Offshore Structures

Breaking Wave Geometry with Emphasis on Steepness and Curveture

Trinity River Water Supply Replacing Groundwater in Houston, Texas

Finite Volume Solutions to Unsteady Free Surface Flow with Application to Gravity Waves

Prediction of Velocity Field under Waves over Varying Depth

Laboratory Observations and Numerical Simulations of Shoaling Surface Gravity Waves

A Comparison of Field Observations and Quasi-Steady Linear Shear Instabilities of the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

Near-Crest Pressure Gradient of Irregular Water Waves Approaching to Break

Remote Sensing and Coastal Wave Research

Measuring Swash Hydrodynamics on a Laboratory Beach

Morphodynamic Modeling of Shoreface Bars

Cross-Shore Variability of Infragravity Wave Pressure and Velocities on a Barred Beach

Low-Impact Development Hydrologic Analysis and Design





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