Hydrologic Problems and Freshwater Wetland Creation

The Behavior of Storage Reservoirs in the United States under Climate Change

Experimental Description of Combining Flows at an Open Channel Junction

Wave Kinematics Based on a Lagrangian Formulation

Seismotectonic and Seismic Hazard in Southern Bulgaria

The 1994 California State University, Northridge Earthquake Experience - A Case Study

Seismic Microzonation and Development of an Earthquake Damage Scenario for Istanbul, Turkey

Water Quality Monitoring in Urban Territories

Site Baseline and Corrective Measures Assessments for Water Resources Protection by Applying Ground Water and Surface Water Modeling

Optimization of Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater with Water Quality Constraints

Design and Implementation of Decision Support System for Real-Time Hydropower Scheduling on Lower Colorado River, Texas

Earthquakes that Contribute Most to the Seismic Hazard of California

Geotechnical Investigations at Butt Valley and Lake Almanor Dams

Seismic Stability of Lake Almanor and Butt Valley Dams

A Radial Model of Surface Flow: Application to Level-Basin Irrigation

Alleviation of Surface and Subsurface Drainage Problems by Flexible Delivery Schedules

Simultaneous Measurement of Surface Velocity Distributions and Bed Configurations Under Flood Conditions

Relationship Between Turbulent Structure Near the Free-Surface and Surface-Wave-Fluctuations

A Model for Surface Plume Dispersion in an Ocean Current

Field Monitoring and Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Salton Sea, CA





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