Three-Dimensional Calculation of River Flow

Verification and Refinement of a Free Surface Flow Model

Resonant Excitation of Internal Waves by a Surface Wave

VOFbreak², A Numerical Model for Simulation of Wave Interaction with Rubble Mound Breakwaters

An Investigation of Coupled Hydromechanical Effects in the Borrowdale Volcanic Group, Sellafield, U.K.

The Adaptive Hydrology (ADH) Model: A Flow and Transport Model for Coupled Surface Water - Groundwater Analyses

Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Modeling of Sanmenxia Reservoir

Time Accurate Simulation of Free Surface Flow Problems

Implicit TVD Methods for Modelling Discontinuous Channel Flows

3-D Numerical Solution of Flow in Sine-Generated Meandering Compound Channel

Numerical Modeling of Dam-Break Type Problems for Navier-Stokes and Granular Flows

Unsteady Flow Characteristics in a Compound Channel

Land Use Analysis and Water Surface Profile of Sims Bayou Bridges

Development of the Deterministic Caltrans Seismic Hazard Map of California

A Minimum Risk Evaluation Methodology for Fault Tolerant Automotive Control Systems

Simulating Nature Wind Waves in a Wave Flume

Experimental Study of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Acoustic Surface Waveguides

Simulation of Three-Dimensional, Non-Hydrostatic Free-Surface Flows for Estuaries and Coastal Seas

Hydraulics of Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands
Resistance to flow through subsurface flow wetlands is described by Darcy's law or by Ergun's equation. Both representations are combined with the continuity...

Depth-Averaged Equations for Free Surface Flows
Depth-Averaged equations for free surface flow are derived by applying fundamental physical principles of mass conservation, momentum and moment of momentum on a control volume from the...





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