Highway Work Zone Safety
The objective of this presentation is to provide discussion on how to improve the interdisciplinary information exchange to enhance safety on roads and streets from the viewpoint of the...

Examples of Sediment Distribution in the Italian Adriatic Coast. A Comparison Between the Shepard and the Nota Textural Classifications
Four sectors of the western Adriatic coast, each with a different feature, represent the test areas to evidence the differences between the two textural classifications of sediments by...

Coastal Erosion Control
The basic aim of the land-use approach in coastal erosion management is to minimise, and in some instances avoid, the erosion hazard through regulation of the amount of investment at risk....

Beach Evolution Caused by Littoral Drift Barrier

A Model of Longshore Sediment Transport Processes in the Surf Zone

Hazards to Marine Pipelines

Qualitative Models for Marine Environmental Assessment

Integration of Coastal Zone Management Concerns at the Local Government Level in Maryland

Management Problems of the Great Barrier Reef

Human Factors Affecting Rocky Intertidal Fishes

Sediment Transport and Surf Zone Morphodynamics at Presque Isle, Pennsylvania

Surfing Interests in Coastal Zone Planning

Analysis of Three-Dimensional Flows Around Kinks in Zoned and Leaky Porous Media

Effect of Irrigated Agriculture on Groundwater

An Aritifical Cobble Beach for Erosion Control

Bridging the Gap: Water Resources and Land Use

Seismic Zonation in the San Francisco Bay Region

The Planning and Engineering Interface with a Modernized Land Data System
Concern for the modernization of our land records and land resources information systems has been evolving since the early 1960's. Geographic location is the common denominator linking...

Work Zone Safety

Determining Future Needs through Fiscal Analysis





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