An Analysis of Return Flow in the Surf Zone

Nearshore Zone Monitoring System

Measuring Wind and Wave Forcing of Longshore Currents During Superduck—A Preliminary Analysis

Longshore Bars and Mass Transport Induced by Long Waves

The Energy Dissipation of Breaking Waves

Soliton Mode Representation for Kinematics of Shallow Water Swell

The Role of Preferential Flow Phenomena in Unsaturated Transport

Distribution of Sediment Transport Across the Surf Zone

Vapor Phase Sorption in the Vadose Zone

Wave Characteristics in the Surf Zone

Turbulence Modelling of Surf Zone Mixing Processes

Subarea Planning Using Microcomputers
This paper presents the basic features of a subarea focusing program developed by JHK & Associates through a contract with the U. S. Department of Transportation. The program is...

Urban/Rural Interactions in Dade County, Florida
Dade County, which contains the City of Miami, is generally urbanized, yet contains pockets of rural and semi-rural areas. These areas are affected by surrounding urbanization, and some...

The Engineer's Responsibility for Work Zone Safety

Work Zone Safety—Profit or Loss

Coast of California Storm and Tidal Waves Study: A Regional Coastal Zone Monitoring Program
An integral aspect of the Coast of California Storm and Tidal Waves Study (CCSTWS) was the implementation of a four year comprehensive regional coastal zone monitoring program in 1983....

Foreshore Treatment as a Method of Coastal Protection
This paper describes the damages sustained by a small section of the Vancouver, British Columbia coastline during the passage of a storm in December, 1982. This stretch of protected coastline...

A New Approach to Coastal Management: Britain's Heritage Coasts
In 1970, a new concept of countryside management called 'Heritage Coasts' was introduced into Great Britain by the Countryside Commission, a branch of Government....

A Microcomputer Dispersivity Evaluation Method for Thick Aquifers
The Littoral Environment Observation (LEO) program uses volunteer observers recruited to obtain daily visual observations of such coastal variables as breaker height, wave period, direction...

Littoral Environment Observation Program
This paper presents a method for determining the longitudinal, transverse, and vertical dispersivities of a thick aquifer for a free convection tracer test using only measurements from...





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