An Assessment of NSTS

Overview of DUCK85 Nearshore Processes Experiment

Suspended Sediment Concentrations Outside the Surf Zone, DUCK85

The Influence of Infragravity Motions on Suspended Sediment Transport in the Inner Surf Zone of a Highly Dissipative Beach

Remote Sensing of Nearshore Bar Systems—Making Morphology Visible

Design Features of the Elliott Bay Marina
The paper presents a summary of the major coastal engineering design features of a new Puget Sound small craft harbor proposed for construction within the City of Seattle. The 1,200 berth...

Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle West Point Beach Restoration
There are many ways to manipulate shorelines to prevent erosion. Such efforts often reduce the usable habitat and recreational area associated with the beach. Construction of a natural...

Shoreline Protection Through Process Stabilization (abstract))
Considerable analytical work, including model testing, has been conducted to increase understanding of performance and failure. There is a separate category of problems, however, where...

Water Use Zoning: Is It a Solution for Resolving Coastal Water Use Conflicts?
In the last few years, North Carolina's coastal area has witnessed unprecedented growth. This paper focuses on selected conflicts associated with recreational and other economic...

Measurement and Prediction of Wave Height Decay in the Surf Zone

Longshore Currents and Wave Decay in the Surf Zone

Longshore Current Based on Power Law Wave Decay

Modelling of Longshore Currents With a Non Linear Wave Theory

Edge Waves on Linear Segmented Topographies

Subharmonic Generation of Edge Waves by Nonuniform Incident Waves

A Note on Edge Waves

Integral Model of the Nearshore Zone

Surfzone Wave Velocity Momennts

Quasi-3D Nearshore Current Modelling: Wave-Induced Secondary Current

Changes in the Short Wave Amplitude and Wavenumber Due to the Presence of Infragravity Waves





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