Characterizing Root Zone Hydraulic Conductivity

Potential Groundwater Contamination from Stormwater Infiltration

SWMS_2D Application to a Vegetated Field Site

Parameter Importance for an Analytic Model of LNAPL Transport in the Vadose Zone

Modeling LNAPL Transport in the Vadose Zone

Low-frequency Fluctuations of Suspended Sand and Wave Groups in the Surf Zone
Field observations of the sand suspension near the bottom in surf zone are presented and discussed. Calculated spectra of suspended sand concentration and wave envelope was found to be...

Numerical Model of the Longshore Current on a Barred Beach

Nearshore Breaking Waves: A Numerical Model

Vadose-Zone Monitoring, Sanitary Treatment Plant Sludge-Drying Beds, Rocky Flats Plant, Golden, Colorado
The NPDES Federal Facilities Compliance Agreement (NPDES FFCA) of March 25, 1991 between the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pursuant...

Groundwater Development and Related Issues
Optimum development and management of ground water resources requires consideration of all elements of the groundwater system and their inter-relations with total hydrologic cycle along...

Laboratory Experiment of Longshore Bars Produced by Breaker-Induced Vortex Action

Wave Transformation Measurements at SUPERTANK

Numerical Model Verification Using SUPERTANK Data in Surf and Swash Zones

High-Resolution Measurements of Sand Suspension by Plunging Breakers in a Large Wave Channel

Image Analysis of Surf Zone Hydrodynamics

Mixing by Shear Instabilities of the Longshore Current

The Nourtec Experiment of Terschelling: Process-Oriented Monitoring of a Shoreface Nourishment (1993-1996)

The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Beach Zonation

2DV Circulation-Pattern: Wave Decay and Undertow Modelling with Nearcir Code

Sediment Suspension Events and Shear Instabilities in the Bottom Boundary Layer





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