Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Partially Saturated Soils
Increased interest in protection of the environment has led to a need to be able to predict long-term movement of moisture, and contaminants, in the vicinity of shallow land disposal sites...

Performance of Suction Caissons in Sand and Clay
The use of suction caissons (suction piles) in marine environments has been increasing in the last decade. A suction caisson is a steel pipe with an open bottom and a closed top that is...

Field Trials with Large Diameter Suction Piles

Suction Caissons for Deepwater Moorings

Studies of the Behavior of a Suction Pile with a Simplified Numerical Model

Total and Effective Stress Analysis of Suction Caissons for Gulf of Mexico Conditions

Suction Caisson Foundations in the Gulf of Mexico

The First Two Platforms with Suction Pile Foundations Subjected to Sea Ice Forces in the Bohai Sea

Analyses of Ice-Induced Vibration and Estimation of Soil Softening under Vibration of a Suction Foundation Platform

Pore Pressure and Bank Stability: The Influence of Matric Suction

Sediment Bypass System for Grove Dam, Nebraska

Sediment Bypass System for Spalding Dam, Nebraska

Using Soil Suction to Estimate Differential Soil Shrink or Heave

Shear Strength Components Attributable to Cementation Versus Soil Suction in Arid Environments

Heave Prediction Using Soil Suction: A Case Study

The Use of Soil Suction in Analysis of Pavement Cracking

Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Water Balance Predictions for Earthen Landfill Final Covers

Application of Soil Suction in Dallas/Fort Worth

Soil Suction Applications in Geotechnical Engineering Practice
This proceedings, Soil Suction Applications in Geotechnical Engineering Practice, consists of papers presented in a technical session at the...

URSULA: Design of an Underwater Robot for Nuclear Reactor Vessel Inspection
This paper describes the development of an underwater robotic system that will be used to perform ultrasonic inspections of nuclear reactor vessel weldments. The development effort consists...





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