Accomplishments—Chicago Metro Flood Plan

Baltimore's Got the Subway Everyone Loves
Some of the innovations of Baltimore's 13.5-mile subway system are explored. The system, on which construction began in 1976, is under budget and on time. The first 7.5-mile...

Numerical Analysis of Underground Structures

Some Ideas for Reducing Subway Construction Costs
This article presents the conclusions of a major study made during the past few years of both U.S. and European practices in building subways. Among the key conclusions: Planners and designers...

Control of Noise and Vibration in Buildings Near Subways

Control of Construction Noise

Washington METRO: A People's Eye View
Much has been written about the technical aspects of this 101 mile, 86 station system. But as important in Washington, D.C. were the political aspects. Backed by Presidents; scrutinized...

IRT — New York City's First Subway
In October 1904, New York City opened its first subway, the Lexington Avenue IRT line. It was the nation's first subway to operate with trains of cars (Boston's...

The Use of Anchored Beach Systems in Metro Toronto

Chicago Metro — North Shore Channel Reaeration

Isn't a Subway for Washington, D.C., Just the Thing—
After 100 years of dreaming and 10 years of design and construction, more than 22 miles and 28 stations of the Washington, D.C., Metro are now in revenue operation. When completed in 1983,...

Subway Designs and Construction Methods That Cut Costs
The high cost of subway construction in the United States can be reduced by adopting station and track structure configurations, structural systems, and construction techniques best suited...

Subway Structures Good, Other Elements Need Rehab
Capital spending priorities of New York City's Transit Authority have shifted, as it postponed indefinitely the construction of all but one new line—the line from 63rd St....

Station Design for the Washington Metro System

Soft Ground Tunnel for the Munich Metro

The Behavior during Construction of the Dupont Circle Subway Station Lining

Washington Metro: Our National Model
The first segment of Washington D.C.'s rapid transit railway is now open. The system features a host of engineering innovations in the areas of aerial structures, tunneling,...

Desperate Need to Slash Construction Cost of New Subways
Subways and subway stations cost far too much to build in the U.S. Whereas Londoners recently built 3-1/2 miles of subways and subway stations for only $18,000,000, the Washington Metro...

Project Communication and the Washington Metro System

Design Of Pedestrian Facilities For The Washington Metro





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