Overcoming Separation in Time or Space
Groups such as project teams, practice networks, and marketing groups are becoming ever more dispersed and distributed. For example, on a current project for a major water utility, I'm...

Safety in a Designer's Hands
Although contractors face safety issues every day, engineers and architects have traditionally not addressed construction site safety in project designs. But there are design practices...

Beach Town Cleanup
The Avila Beach remediation project in California required the demolition of numerous structures and part of the beach in order to remove more than 200,000 cu yd (153,000 m³) of contaminated...

Subsurface Information for Construction Contracts - Impacts on the Geoprofessional Community

Subirrigation: Water Table Management
Water table management (subirrigation) is accomplished by controlling the water table, usually through a subsurface drainage system. The crop is subirrigated with water being furnished...

Pipe Up
The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) provides potable water for approximately 1.2 million people in San Francisco's East Bay area and is constructing seismic upgrades...

Betting on the Baseline (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)
In construction contracts, new deductive differing site conditions (DSC) clauses provide for credits to owners when contractors encounter better-than-anticipated subsurface conditions....

Microtunneling under Honolulu
Highly congested urban utility corridors present some of the most difficult conditions for construction of new underground pipelines, especially when subsurface conditions are also very...

Installation of Conduits under Highways Using Trenchless Technology

Cincinnati's Research on Utility Cuts

Characterization of Track Substructure Performance

The Art of the Possible

Applications of Horizontal Sampling and Logging Technologies in Geotechnical Site Investigations

Identifying and Baselining Boulders for Underground Construction

Mine Shaft Stabilization Using Compaction Grouting

Design and Performance of Large Tunnel Constructed in Saprolite

Case Study: Site Characterization Methods in Karst

Tunneled Sewers in Houston, Texas

Case Study of Support of Critical Utilities during Excavation

Removal of Subsurface Obstructions: An Alternative Contractual Approach





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