Modelling of Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical Processes in a Discrete Joint

Equivalent Strength of Porous Fractured Rock

Generalized Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis: Geomechanical Applications

Micromechanical Simulation of Geotechnical Problems using Massively Parallel Supercomputers

Flexible Boundary for Discrete Element Simulation of Granular Assemblies

Acquisition of Subsurface Comet Samples

Central Artery Utility Crossings

Smithfield Interceptor Force Main River Crossings

Challenges of an Advance Utility Contract for a Major Highway Widening Project in Norfolk, Virginia

Evaluation and Upgrade of Major Transmission Lines Crossing Active Faults

Canal Crossing of High-Pressure Pipelines

Minimizing Uncertainties in Geotechnical Investigations

The Use of Direct Push Technologies in Expedited Site Characterization

Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate Slope Stability

Risk Assessment of Nambe Falls Dam

Integrating the Refraction Seismic Method into Stream Crossing Characterization for Scour and Excavation Conditions

Evaluating Subsurface Uncertainty Using Zonal Kriging

Back to Bacteria: A More Natural Filtration
Drinking-water treatment used to be simple: use the best source available, filter if turbidity is present and add plenty of chlorine. Typically, these are the barriers that guard against...

Utilities and Systems for the New U.S. South Pole Station, Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica

No-Dig Gains Ground
The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD), the regional wastewater utility of Metropolitan Dade County, is currently undertaking one of the Country's largest Infiltration/Inflow...





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