Site Selection and Evaluation of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Regulatory Aspects

Simulation and Observation of ESF Tunnel Effects on Barometric Conditions

Application of GIS in Site Selection for Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility

Current Status of Paleohydrologic Studies at Yucca Mountain and Vicinity, Nevada

Application of the Limit-State Method for Probabilistic Unsaturated Flow Modeling

Coupled Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Hydrochemistry in the Sellafield Area

Groundwater Flow Modelling at the Olkiluoto Site, Finland

Nine-Component Vertical Seismic Profiling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Defining the Potential Repository Siting Block Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Analysis of Air Permeability Tests at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Westbay/MOSDAX Instrumentation of UE-25 ONC #1 and USW NRG-4 at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Borehole UE-25 ONC #1 Drilling at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Radwaste Disposal in Granite—E.C. Everest Project, IPSN Contribution

Radwaste Disposal in Clay—E. C. Everest Project, IPSN Contribution

A Radiological Disadvantage for Siting a Repository at Yucca Mountain

Unsaturated Zone Flow Modeling for GWTT-95

Sensitivity Studies of Unsaturated Groundwater Flow Modeling for Groundwater Travel Time Calculations at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Evaluation of Groundwater Travel-Time Calculations for Yucca Mountain

Use of Limited Information in a License Application to Construct a Repository

Physical Sampling for Site and Waste Characterization





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