Periodic Variation in Karst Stream Losses
A cave taking water from an ephemeral stream periodically reroutes surface and subsurface drainage because of a plug that forms 10 m below the main entrance to the cave. The plug of sand,...

Infiltration Properties at Two Sites in the Konza Prairie
The spatial variability of soil hydraulic properties that govern infiltration were investigated at a pristine site and an agricultural site in the Konza Prairie Research Area of east-central...

BMP for Control of Agricultural Nonpoint Source Flow
Nine ha of spring wheat were sprinkle irrigated with drainwater from 15 subsurface drains. The objective was to demonstrate that use of drainwater for irrigation improves the net efficiency...

Earth Spillway Design Using SITES Software
The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has, recently released new software for the design and analysis of water resource structure sites. This software, SITES, is based on the...

Shallow Ground Water Management with a Modified Subsurface Drainage System
An existing subsurface drainage system was modified to control the flow from the drain laterals and to control the water table depth on a portion of the field. Tomatoes and cotton have...

Efficiencies of Drainage Systems and Improved Water Management
Drainage of agricultural lands has become a contentious issue as concern increases over the actual economic benefits of subsurface drainage in irrigated regions relative to the impacts...

Effective Subsurface Retention/Detention Systems
Stringent environmental regulations and increasing land values have made finding an effective way to manage storm water runoff a high priority for consulting engineers and land developers....

Deep Geological Disposal Programs in Preparation and Under Development

Indian Programme on Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Ukrainian Program of Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations

Distribution and Nutrient Limitations of Heterotrophic Bacteria from Yucca Mountain

Anaerobic Bacterial Quantitation of Yucca Mountain, Nevada Doe Site Samples

Isotopic Systematics of Saline Waters at Äspö and Laxemar, Sweden

Nopal I Uranium Deposit: A Study of Radionuclide Migration

Localized Alteration of the Paintbrush Nonwelded Hydrologic Unit within the Exploratory Studies Facility

Naturally-Occurring Chemical Analogues for Repository-Derived Radionuclides

Approach, Methods and Results of an Individual Elicitation for the Volcanism Expert Judgment Panel

An Assessment of Future Volcanic Hazard at Yucca Mountain

On Calibration of the UZ Site-Scale Model of Yucca Mountain

Evaluation of Geological Formations of West Ukraine from the Standpoint of Raw Disposal





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