Shallow Ground Water Management with a Modified Subsurface Drainage System
An existing subsurface drainage system was modified to control the flow from the drain laterals and to control the water table depth on a portion of the field. Tomatoes and cotton have...

Efficiencies of Drainage Systems and Improved Water Management
Drainage of agricultural lands has become a contentious issue as concern increases over the actual economic benefits of subsurface drainage in irrigated regions relative to the impacts...

Effective Subsurface Retention/Detention Systems
Stringent environmental regulations and increasing land values have made finding an effective way to manage storm water runoff a high priority for consulting engineers and land developers....

Indian Programme on Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Distribution and Nutrient Limitations of Heterotrophic Bacteria from Yucca Mountain

Localized Alteration of the Paintbrush Nonwelded Hydrologic Unit within the Exploratory Studies Facility

Naturally-Occurring Chemical Analogues for Repository-Derived Radionuclides

Evaluation of Geological Formations of West Ukraine from the Standpoint of Raw Disposal

Simulation and Observation of ESF Tunnel Effects on Barometric Conditions

Application of GIS in Site Selection for Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility

Application of the Limit-State Method for Probabilistic Unsaturated Flow Modeling

Practical Experiences with Sealing Technology in the Czech Republic

Hydraulic Design of Subsurface Flow Wetlands
Although Subsurface Flow Wetlands (SFW) have received steadily increasing international attention during the past 10 to 15 years, comprehensive design criteria are not available for some...

Overview of DoD Research in Groundwater Modeling
The U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station leads a multi-agency research program for the Department of Defense (DoD) which continues the development of integrated, comprehensive...

Computational Tools for Subsurface Conceptualization
Development of subsurface conceptual models for use in groundwater flow and transport modeling requires that existing data in the form of boring logs, cone penetrometer (CPT) logs, geophysical...

Wetland Designs for Environmental Protection—Application in India
In many developing countries raw sewage are discharged into rivers and lakes. This practice causes severe degradation of regional water quality, and often results in serious public health...

Micromechanical Simulation of Geotechnical Problems using Massively Parallel Supercomputers

Acquisition of Subsurface Comet Samples

Minimizing Uncertainties in Geotechnical Investigations

The Use of Direct Push Technologies in Expedited Site Characterization





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