Probable Maximum Precipitation Storm Isohyetal Orientation Reduction Factors

Geotechnical Investigations at Butt Valley and Lake Almanor Dams

Integrating Sensing Technologies for Underground Utility Assessment

Piezometer Assessments of Grenada Dam Outlet Structure Lead to Innovative Rehabilitations

Theoretical Analysis of Air-Entrained Flow in Vertical Drop Shafts of the Channel in Urban Drainage System

Infiltration of Urban Stormwater into Soils as an Integral Part of the Urban Drainage System

The Future of Irrigation

Limitations and Consequences of Recycling Drainage Water for Irrigation Over the Long Term

Management of Drainage Water, Salt, and Selenium as Resources

Alleviation of Surface and Subsurface Drainage Problems by Flexible Delivery Schedules

A Study on Water Management of an Irrigation Scheme in Sri Lanka

Modeling the Transport and Fate of Copper in Keswick Reservoir, Shasta County, California

Downstream Challenges to Salmon Restoration on the Tuolumne River— Salmon Survival in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Saturated/Unsaturated Subsurface Flow and Salinity Transport Using Method of Lines

Degradation of Organic Matter in the Subsurface - A Modelling Approach

Vacuum Induced Remediation of Subsurface Contamination with Horizontal Wells

The Coupled Effects of Subsurface Heterogeneities and Nonequilibrium Sorption Processes on Solute Transport

Trace Element Investigations Before Irrigation Development

Managing Salt Load in Irrigation District Drainage Water

Winery Wastewater Treatment Efficiency as it Depends on Depth and Distance in a Subsurface Flow Wetland





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