Retrofitting an Urban Watershed—From Concept to Reality

Performance Evaluation of Dry Detention Ponds with Underdrains

Drainage Problems in an Urbanized Watershed

Applications of the FEQ Unsteady Flow Model in DuPage County and Beyond

Acquisition and Relocation as a Floodplain Management Tool

Non-Linear Parameter Estimation of an Urban Runoff Model Using XP-SWMM32 and PEST

Approaches and Levels of Service Analysis for an Area Subject to Interbasin Flow Transfers

Surface Wave Recovery from Subsurface Pressure Records on the Basis of Weakly Nonlinear Directional Wave Theory

Research and Design Activities in Support of the Chicago Underflow Plan McCook Reservoir Aeration System

Potential for Anaerobic Treatment of Airport Deicing Fluids

A Family of Analytical Probabilistic Models for Urban Stormwater Management Planning

The Data Conversion Experience in New Orleans—Development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

Data Assimilation Experiments with the Navy Layered Ocean Model

Reducing Existing Underground Utility Risks on Airport Improvement Projects: Subsurface Utility Engineering

H & H Modeling in High Water Table-Low Relief Area

Restoration of Boreal Lowland Rivers in Finland: Problems and Approaches with Respect to Conservation and Flood Protection

Bid Preparation and Construction Sequence

Specifications and the Contracting Process: Owners Viewpoint

Design Data Collection for Preparing Job Specifications

International Drainage Construction Conflicts





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